Android 11 and Windows Photo Viewer

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Android 11 and Windows Photo Viewer

Post by ErikJan »

My Win10 default picture viewer is still the old "Windows Photo Viewer" (I like the simplicity for quick views).

My cell-phone (Samsung) updated to Android 11 yesterday. Since that time, JPG screenshots made on my phone don't open anymore in Photo Viewer on my PC. Even if I open them in an editor (e.g. Paint.NET) and then save them back as JPG or even as PNG, they refuse to open.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a simple fix (other than switching to another simple viewer)?

And if I indeed need to switch viewers, any recommendation for a simple one that is quick, can rotate and zoom but not much more?

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Re: Android 11 and Windows Photo Viewer

Post by HansV »

The Photos app that comes with Windows 10 is not bad.
Google Photos can undoubtedly view photos created on Android.
I myself use FastStone MaxView. It's simple, small and fast, but it's not free. Their FastStone Image Viewer is free, has more or less the same features plus a lot more, so it's slightly more cumbersome.