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AOMEI Backupper

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That's it, AOMEI. I'm going elsewhere. Maybe back to Macrium Reflect; I've been contemplating that since before these recent events. Or something else; I've got a couple of copies of the very limited versions of Acronis TI you can download as a customer of different disk manufacturers; they are useless as backup tools at the moment, since they can only clone disks, and shops here seem to be selling all kind of versions but Swedish; so I'll probably turn to the UK and Macrium. Especially so since I'm building a "new" one.

On the plus side, the UI of Backupper is clean, even more so in the latest version.
On the minus side, a lot, including nagging for reasons for uninstall, and the opening of a web page (or at least trying to) during install/uninstall.

You did it again, AOMEI. At the time for the first backup job this evening you ungracefully rebooted my machine, and away went some notes. You know what, AOMEI, my copy of Office and my email client is quite resilient, so no losses there, but I would still like to have a backup solution that doesn’t obstruct other work on my machines. So, good bye.

No, AOMEI, I'm not going to hunt a solution that maybe works. ... s-crash-pc
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Re: AOMEI Backupper

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Hmmm. Looks like the Backupper is a bit of a [shut-]downer... :sad: :hairout:
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