Blurring the edges at 7,000 megabytes per second

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Blurring the edges at 7,000 megabytes per second

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Samsung's latest transfer of 7,000 megabytes per second
At what point do we stop calling them "hard drives" and get back to calling the whole kit and caboodle "Computer Memory"?

Hardware isn't hardware any more, it is Firmware with programmable chips. Hardware is software.
I don't write programs for a hardware computer anymore; my platform is software "Win10-2004/Word2003".
The operating system isn't a well-defined program anymore; it is a malleable chunk of software that, for most users, changes at the whims of its manufacturer.
Basically, it isn't your personal computer anymore; it is partly taken over by the software vendors. (And I'm not talking about the loss of my 8-bit or 16-bit DOS utilities here)

My laptop is a 4GB RAM machine, so being able to transfer the contents of all of its RAM to all of another sort of non-mechanical RAM in about half-a-second is, to the common user, just a bit of blather.

Yes, I will get an SSD, Real Soon Now, but it won't be a 7GB/sec model. By the time I get around to it it will probably be faster than that and my laptop will have more "RAM" memory because the version of the o/s will demand that much more and I will get it because it isn't all my computer anymore; I effectively borrow part of it from a company far, far away.

"Just seen the 970 is £327, and this is £221, so a good £100 cheaper" This is about $555cdn and tonight I started reading "Return With Honor", Captain Scott O'Grady's memoir of part of his tour with the 555th Fighter Squadron. This might be an omen ...
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