Moving jpg files from computer to iPad

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Moving jpg files from computer to iPad

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My wife is an artist, and has lots of jpg files on her computer. She likes to use the iPad to show these files easily while traveling. Every few years, she gets a new iPad. Then I have to figure out how to transfer the files over. I have learned that restoring the iCloud backup file will carry her photos from the old iPad - but not the albums of jpg files.

It seems that I can never use the same procedure as last time around ... In the past I was able to organize her files into albums within iTunes, then transfer them to the iPad. But that doesn't work any more in iTunes 12 (based on hours of research).

I tried using the ideas shown in these two threads, but did not have much success" onclick=";return false; ... 3&p=139451" onclick=";return false;

I could only sync a single folder at a time from her computer to her iPad using iTunes (which does not understand sub-folders). Then I had to go to the iPad, create a new album, then manually move all those JPG files into the new album. Then I had to go back to the computer and repeat this process for each of the 20 other JPG folders she has.

In the end I decided it was a bit cleaner to use" onclick=";return false; to access her iCloud photos via a web browser on her computer. I turned on iCloud photos sharing on her iPad (in Settings). I could do pretty much the same series of steps, but no longer had to use iTunes. I could drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to the icloud web page.

This would have been very fast and efficient, except for one gotcha. The web based iCloud Photos "app" is REALLY flakey. It was pretty quick if I copied 15 files or less. But it got very slow when I copied more than 25 files at once. It crashed 50% of the time that I tried to create a new album, or when I was copying files into the album.

The best part of using iCloud photos to do this is that the files SHOULD be transferred over automatically when she decides to buy a new iPad. :cheers:
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Re: Moving jpg files from computer to iPad

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Sometime looking for a good third party app is the way to go. Even though I have not used it for a while, I still could recommend SyncIOS as it did a good job of transferring files and images for me when I had an iPad. I wouldn't think that the app would have regressed since I last used it about 2 odd years ago. If you haven't yet, give it a try?

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