Dark mode feature in PowerPoint

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Dark mode feature in PowerPoint

Post by jmt356 »

Is there an easy way to invert the colors in a PPT presentation, such that the background becomes black and the writing becomes white, similar to the View | Switch Modes (Dark Mode) feature in Word?

I already have Dark mode set on Windows system wide and in Office, but my PPT still shows up with a bright white background, which I want to be black.

I tried changing this in Slide Master, but there are over a hundred slides I need to change in Slide Master. My changes in Slide Master do not apply universally, and it might be easier to just edit each of the 80 slides in the PPT presentation manually.


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Re: Dark mode feature in PowerPoint

Post by SpeakEasy »

>My changes in Slide Master do not apply universally

Are you using Themes? You should be able to use Background Styles on the Slide Master tab, and these will override any individual settings on child master slides if applied to the root master slide. Of course if you have actually been changing the background manually on individual actual slides then that won't work ... but you could reset that with a little bit of VBA, such as:

Code: Select all

Sub SlidesBackgroundFollowMaster()
    With ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange
         .FollowMasterBackground = msoTrue
    End With
End Sub