Mozilla VPN

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Mozilla VPN

Post by BobH »

Does anyone here (other than me) use the Mozilla VPN app?

If so, what has your experience been? I have no complaint whatsoever. I cannot detect any difference in speeds but I havent' tried to measure with and without the VPN active. I would have thought that encryption would have caused a noticeable lag, but it has not. At $5.00 US a month, it is not too expensive although I've found others that charge $3.00 a month.

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Re: Mozilla VPN

Post by StuartR »

I use Mullvad VPN, which provides the network infrastructure that Mozilla uses, and it is one of the faster VPN services that I have tried.

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Re: Mozilla VPN

Post by Argus »

BobH wrote:
19 Sep 2020, 20:32
Does anyone here (other than me) use the Mozilla VPN app?
I don't, since I have another solution. However, some comments. WireGuard (the tech behind) is quite new, rather light weight in terms of code, and as far as I've seen provides better performance/bandwidth than some other solutions (I have not tried WireGuard yet with my VPN providers).

Not a question from you, but since the topic is rather broad (though I know nothing about Mozilla's software etc.) there have been some articles on the topic mentioning "pros & cons" with WireGuard; they do mention speed and security as "pros", it's usually quciker than older code, but there are some concerns regarding privacy: "As others have pointed out, WireGuard was not built for anonymity and privacy, but rather security and speed."

Different providers may approach this in different ways. And it's possible that there has been some development in recent time with regard to WireGuard. ... s-and-cons
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