OneDrive and Dropbox on removeable drive

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OneDrive and Dropbox on removeable drive

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I recently updated my HP Stream 7 tablet from Win8.1 Home to Win10 Home. The HP unit is equipped with a 32GB eMMC card for systems and application software and I have a 64GB microSD card for personal files.

Prior to the o/s software upgrade, I had moved OneDrive to the microSD card without any issues. I had also moved Dropbox to the microSD card, but a few extra steps were required since Dropbox displayed the message that it could not be stored on a removeable drive.

After the o/s upgrade to Win10 neither OneDrive not Dropbox could be relocated to the removeable drive... without tweaking. Here is what I did...

On the System C: drive (the 32GB eMMC card), the first step is to create a folder called SDCard. That is the name I elected to use but you can name it anything you want.

To move Dropbox the next steps entailed going into Disk Management via the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management path. Right clicked on the drive D: microSD card and selected Change Drive Letter and Paths. Then select the Mount in the following empty NFTS folder. Select the Browse button and navigate to the folder created on the C:drive... in my case SDCard. Click OK. Dropbox can then be stored on the the removeable storage device by opening up the Dropbox app, select Settings (the gear box upper right corner) and then Preferences. In the Preferences area, select Account and change the Location to read the folder name you created on the C: drive.

To relocate OneDrive, the following was found on Gaberiel Aul's twitter account. Right click OneDrive in Taskbar, select Settings | Unlink and then launch OneDrive again. I had to sign into my MS account and was then able to select a new location... again, in my case... C:\SDCard. The sync took place and the files are now on the removeable drive.

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Re: OneDrive and Dropbox on removeable drive

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Thanks, Bob.