start button's search for particular folder

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start button's search for particular folder

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Hi, and Hi, Hans -

Some years ago I think you instructed how to have Start's search set to a particular folder. I thought I had made a note to it, but can't find it. If you can repeat the steps, I'd be grateful (of course)! Thank you

(Win 8.1, Classic Shell)

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Re: start button's search for particular folder

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Hi back,

Sounds like you need to edit the Windows Index and add your specific folder to it.

To do this, review this article for details: Search for files and folders faster in Windows 8 with Indexing Options
Look specifically for the section : How to add a folder to the index in Windows 8

As a bonus, you could also access the folder from the Start Menu like this:
Open the Start Menu and prefix your search string with folder: (to restrict the search to files with matching folder names only). If you need to open the folder, right click one of the files in the folder and tap "Open file location".

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