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Food from thought

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This ABC article led me to a video with a genuine and enviably slim Italian chef regarding pasta. I still need to go back and digest it, but among points that stuck in my mind:-
(1) I can pre-soak pasta in cold water for 2 hours
(2) Pasta does NOT need to be brought to the boil
(3) There are TWO phases in cooking pasta
(4) When pasta is not quite ready, finish it off in the sauce
(5) Pasta heat source can be turned off and pasta left to cook in the pan with a covered lid.

I often use the heat-off-covered-pan method for cooking, if only because "A watched pot never boils over" and I spend far too much time in summer in the garden, and in winter in the study. The co$t savings are of little concern to me. (I suspect that I have the lowest electricity bill in Bonavista, even compared to houses with wood or oil heating)

There was much more data than that, but for me, well worth a re-read.
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