Powdered Barley Grass.

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Powdered Barley Grass.

Post by ChrisGreaves »

I am not a health-food nut; I am but a nut,
I have been given a jar of what looks to me like Green Poster Paint Powder that I used to mix with water when I was Painting Prefect in Primary School.
I am not a great fan of food supplements.
Nor do I eat grass.
But this stuff is now sitting on my kitchen counter.

I am tempted to toss a tablespoon of it into the next batch of bread dough I make. Green Bread could be the next fad, right?
I could toss it down the toilet and scare the sewage treatment workers.
I could toss it into the vermicomposter.

Apart from those obvious uses, is there likely to be any regular use for this stuff in my cooking?
I will not be drinking it; I am too busy wading through the roasting, grinding, and imbibing of the twenty-pounds of green coffee beans i was offloaded onto some months ago.
(signed) "Not green With Envy" of Toronto.
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Re: Powdered Barley Grass.

Post by HansV »

Add water, yeast and hops and you can brew beer!

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Re: Powdered Barley Grass.

Post by Rudi »

My first thoughts were to add it to lasagna or make a smoothie out of it. Don't ask me for details!!

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Re: Powdered Barley Grass.

Post by BobH »

A lasagna smoothie? :fanfare: :fanfare: :flee:
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