Troubleshooting shares on a home network

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Troubleshooting shares on a home network

Post by StuartR »

Please follow the steps below in the order shown, make sure you capture the exact messages from any output and post them in this forum so we have the best possible chance of helping you.

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Re: Troubleshooting shares on a home network

Post by DaveA »

User accounts:
Make sure that you are using the same username and password on all PCs
One does NOT have to be using this common passworded account. I have set up several mixed OS workgroup networks, with passworded account that is not in use. Just make sure that the account and password does work, by logging into it on each machine and getting all of the folders set up. I even change the Wallpaper to something, that will remind that it is NOT a regular account. I use an account name that starts with a "Z", which will put it at the bottom of the list. Turn OFF all items that do not need to be started, including the Windows update. This will speed things up when logging into this account when needed.

Since it it a Admin account, it can be used as a back door for those who have issues with the regular account.
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