WiFi Direct Printer

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WiFi Direct Printer

Post by jstevens »

I have enabled my HP M477fdw printer to be a WiFi Direct printer. The moment I turn the printer on, it consumes most of the bandwidth and anyone connected wirelessly to the internet suffers. Turn the printer off and everyone is happy.

I have talked to HP and my Internet provider and both point their finger at the other.

Just reaching out to see if anyone else had a similar challenge and what their resolution was.

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Re: WiFi Direct Printer

Post by Argus »

I've never used it, but I believe my printer has Wi-Fi Direct, and thus haven't digged into the technical side of it. As I understand it the printer becomes an (wireless) access point; why would that change the bandwidth/performance for other devices using Wi-Fi, unless they were also trying to connect to the printer? My first thought is some kind of interference between the Wi-Fi network from the router, other access point, and Wi-Fi Direct from the printer. Have you checked if it's possible to change Wi-Fi channels for either device?

(I don't know what an ISP would be able to do regarding different types of customer networks (ad hoc or not), apart from the fact that they in several cases also sell or otherwise provide customers with Wi-Fi routers.)
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Re: WiFi Direct Printer

Post by BobH »

I used to have an HP wifi printer but traded for a Brother laser printer because we never printed in color and got tired of paying for color cartridges that were wasted in maintaining the heads. It was a wifi access point but it never sucked up bandwidth that we noticed. I'm with Argus, there must be another cause. Have you been back through all your router settings? Have you tried relocating the printer? That's all I have to suggest.
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Re: WiFi Direct Printer

Post by StuartR »

I also have an HP printer with WiFi direct. As others have said the printer acts as an access point, with its own SSID. Make sure your router is not too near the printer and there should be no impact on your normal WiFi.