Printer Offline Problem

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Printer Offline Problem

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Dear Community,

We are using printer Kyocera Taskalfa 3511i. Operating System is windows 7. Network is working well. But printer is showing offline. I checked physical connections. There is no problem with physical connections. Scanning to system working well. IP address may not be dynamic. How to resolve this issues. I searched in google and tried some method. I don't know how to resolve this issues. we have threes systems. I tried to reinstall printer driver. It shows different ip address and installed with available new ip address. Now its working well. I need to understand the basics and can we resolve this issues permanently and without reinstall driver again. Can we fix this issues. I need to fix this issued for two system. Kindly Help me.

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Re: Printer Offline Problem

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My guess is that the printer has a hard coded IP address on the printer port, and that it was issued a new address by the DHCP server.

If this is right then there are two possible solutions, both need some help from the software in your router.
  • Tell the DHCP server in your router to always issue the same IP address to the printer.
  • Tell your computer to use the printer name, rather than the printer IP address, and rely on the DNS server in your router to translate this to an address for you.