What is home networking?

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What is home networking?

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I have a few questions on home networking I was hoping some of the more experienced users could respond to:

1. I believe home networking is enabled whenever two or more users connect to a wireless modem and at the prompt "Do you want to turn on sharing between PCs and connect to devices on this network?" select "Yes." Is that true?

2. If the user chooses "Yes," which files are capable of being viewed and shared between computers?

3. Do I select the specific folders that the other person may view by right-clicking and selecting Share with ...?

4. Are the files in a shared folder in a home network stored only on the computer on which they were created or are they also stored on other computers that have access to them? Basically, I am trying to understand whether all users would lose access to a file that is shared on a home network if the hard drive on the computer on which the file was created crashed.

5. Is home networking only available when the user is connected to Wifi in his or her home? Is there no way to access shared files or folders once the user leaves his or her home?


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Re: What is home networking?

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A home network doesn't have to be wireless, it could be wired, or a mixture of wired and wireless.

See Home network

If you want access files while you're not within physical reach of your home network, cloud storage is a better option.