Setting Up an FTP Server using Filezilla Server

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Setting Up an FTP Server using Filezilla Server

Post by BobH »

(If this is in the wrong place, please move it and charge me 2500 pesetas for waste of bandwidth.)

I want to share music and video files with my BIL and others who have varying degrees of expertise and competence using computers. From the online research I've done, this can best be done using the Filezilla Server product. I downloaded and installed it and I can start the administrative interface and make changes. So far so good.

From what I've read here, the FTP server will require a domain name and a web server. I have a registered domain name, but I'm running into a thick wall when it comes to downloading and installing the web server, Apache. So, I come here for help.

I realize that Firefox and other browsers have FTP capability, but the people I want to share files with might not be able to navigate through problems that might occur. My thinking is that by having a separate application, Filezilla Client, at their end it will be easier to isolate and to troubleshoot problems. Perhaps this is erroneous thinking and I would welcome any re-education you might like to undertake.

Because I chose Filezilla Server and Client as the basis for this endeavour, I began researching what might be required to implement it. Obviously, there must be some means of receiving and processing linkage requests. This led to the suggestion to install and run Apache Server software (see link above); however, that is not exactly a simple and straightforward process (based on documentation at the Apache web site), and the web article mentioned doesn't provide any hand holding to get me through the process. I would be grateful for any pointers to articles that might help me with this or instructions you choose to proffer.

If I am over-complicating this, please set me straight. I would be very happy to find a simpler solution I can support. In any case, I want to control what devices, directories and files any user can reach using userids and passwords that I set. Filezilla Server gives me this control (or appears to).

I am not exactly a total neophyte on networking and TCP/IP issues; but I'm no seasoned pro either. That's the bad news. The good news is that I'm interested and will pursue it if for no other reason than to keep my gray matter from calcifying. I'm also retired and have the time to do so.

Thanks for any pointers.

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Re: Setting Up an FTP Server using Filezilla Server

Post by StuartR »

I would strongly recommend that you DON'T run a web server that is visible from the internet on your home computer. It is almost impossible to provide a sensible level of security using available domestic products.

If you want to share files then it would be best to copy them to a cloud service where you set access rights for your friends. A search for "file sharing cloud services" will show you lots of options for doing this.