Report on New Western Digital FastNet N750 Router

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Report on New Western Digital FastNet N750 Router

Post by BobH »

Please keep your seat back and tray tables in their upright and locked positions and keep your seat belt fastened as we are about to enter some information turbulence!

Finally got the roundtuit today and installed my new dual band Western Digital N750 Wireless Router. With the help of excellent tech support, I was able to get the device functioning properly. I found that the default settings were not operating when I tried to set it up as evidenced by it not accepting the default username (''admin'') and password (''password'') values. After resetting the device using a paper clip in the appropriate slot and power failing the cable modem and router and powering them back up in the proper sequence, I was able to connect from 3 devices. All appears well.

This router has 2 broadcast bands, one for legacy 802.11 b/g/n and one for the new 802.11 ab. As I acquire new devices, I should be able to double the connection speed.

Another feature is 2 USB ports for attaching devices (data storage, primarily) for sharing within the home network which can also be used for the port forwarding function which allows others to connect to these devices via the Internet. This was one of the attractive features of this particular device because I sometimes have the need to share large files that cannot be sent as email attachments. By attaching an external HDD, I should be able to give FTP and other access to it over the Internet. All I have to do is figure out how to do it.

I've :rtfm:'d once and will likely do so several more times before I can absorb what I need to know. It's likely however, that I'll be back here with questions for those whose networking chops are better than mine.

Stay tuned and Thanks for Watching!

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Re: Report on New Western Digital FastNet N750 Router

Post by Rudi »

Congrats Bob.
Hope it brings you years of good service. :smile:

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Re: Report on New Western Digital FastNet N750 Router

Post by StuartR »

I think you mean 802.11ac, rather than 802.11ab. This is the latest WiFi version and it uses clever signal steering to focus the wireless signal at the clients that are currently active.