Cellular ISP Service

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Cellular ISP Service

Post by BobH »

I don't recall seeing any posts on this subject; so I thought I'd bring it up.

I've been having problems with my astound communications ISP, primarily with bad technical support; therefore, I sought alternatives. I found that T-Mobile (and Verizon, I think) offers ISP connections via a cellular modem/router gateway. I ordered it and have used it for about a week now. Here is what I've found so far:

1) their technical support is worse than astound's in my experience so far;
2) speed for both downloading and uploading is about 20-25% faster on the 2 laptops I've run tests on;
3) there are frequent - a relative term, I know - connection drops probably due to their giving priority to voice packets; this is irritating but not so frequent as to make the service untenablel
4) one cannot view router settings with one's browser but must use T-Mobile's phone app and, worse, the information presented is abominable, showing only MAC addresses for networked devices without the means to assign more easily recognizable names.

I'd be interested to know the experience others have had with wireless (cellular) ISP service. Please identify the carrier.

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Re: Cellular ISP Service

Post by JoeP »

I use T-Mobile home internet in Florida because the community where we are only has Xfinity available for wired service. The wired infrastructure is old copper and won't support good speeds. Plus, T-Mobile says they won't raise my rate but I can be sure that a cable company will. I do get frustrated with the slowdowns during peak usage time with T-Mobile. It took me several calls to their support to get someone who could help with initial reliability issues. Also, I think their router is not very good so I installed a Google mesh setup and the network is now much more stable.
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Re: Cellular ISP Service

Post by HansV »

"not much more stable" or "now much more stable"?
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