MS Project 2010 error opening file

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MS Project 2010 error opening file

Post by MelanieB »

I have a coworker who has a Project file he made in a previous version - I think it was 2003. He has opened and used this file in the current version (2010) almost daily for the last several months. Today, for some reason, he is getting an error saying the file cannot be opened and that files saved in a version earlier than project 98 can't be opened.

He can open all his other Project files, even others he created in v2003.

Any ideas? I have asked our I.T. dept to let me install a previous version on my test laptop so I can try to open it in v2003. But, they are hesitant and told me to see if I can figure out what is happening with the file first since today is the first time he has gotten the message.

So, I'm asking you if you have any ideas.


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Re: MS Project 2010 error opening file

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That sounds like the file has become corrupted. Can he go back to a recent backup?
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