MS image/graphics program?

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MS image/graphics program?

Post by dasadler »

Does Office or MS have any type of image or graphics program that allows you "cut" a persons image from a photo then put that image in another setting? For example, a picture of me in front of a building then my picture (only me) placed in a football stadium.

Looking for something much easier than Photoshop.

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Re: MS image/graphics program?

Post by HansV »

If you're patient enough, you could do it in Paint, the simple program that comes with Windows. It would be an enormous amount of work, since you'd have to clean your "outline" pixel by pixel.

Neither Windows nor Office has a sophisticated graphics program that lets you work with masks, layers etc.
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Re: MS image/graphics program?

Post by JoeP »

Check out Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing. It is a program that started as a student project and is now developed by a Microsoft employee. It is NOT a Microsoft product and is NOT support by Microsoft. However, it very good and free.