Anchoring text boxes or shapes.

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Anchoring text boxes or shapes.

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In Publisher 2003, is there any way of anchoring a text box or shape to another piece of text in a text box, so that it moves with the text it is anchored to?
I am writing a 12 page doc that has about 3 - 6 callouts per page. If I change the text on a page then all the callouts following that lose their positions. Very frustrating, as it then takes 30 minutes or so to move them back precisely.
In the end I moved it all to Word. that sort of worked, as text boxes can be anchored there, but it was still unwieldy. Frustrating as Publisher should not the best environment for this sort of thing.
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Re: Anchoring text boxes or shapes.

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You can group text boxes and other shapes, but you can't anchor a shape to a paragraph of text as you can in Word. You'd have to place each paragraph in its own text box and group the text boxes and shapes you want to keep together.
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