Christmas Mourning 2021

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Christmas Mourning 2021

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OK. I am practically at the gate of defeat regarding any prospect of my normal delightful awakening on the morning of December 25th, so I have decided to do what do best: Sulk.
I am taking this article as my baseline and travelling two related paths of inquiry; or enquiry, depending on your nationality.

Path 1: Locate every reference to "gravity" in the article and determine the ratio of truth to lies about gravity in space. For example phrases such as "zero-gravity environment" and " absence of gravity" and "There is no gravity" are arguably wrong. I leave it to you to find any accurate references to gravity in the article.
In lieu of donations, send flowers to Newton's grave.

Path 2: On Christmas day, or perhaps, only Christmas morning, this year I shall have plenty of time to examine everything I do and to wonder how I would do that thing (but not, :shudder:, "the exact same thing") were the gravitational force on my body countered by the centrifugal force of my orbital speed, had I any.


P.S. I wish a Merry Christmas season to all. Also to John Gray.
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