12vDC applications – online forum?

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Re: 12vDC applications – online forum?

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ChrisGreaves wrote:
05 Jan 2021, 10:12
Now I shall have to monitor what happens over the next few days. Of course, the second shot of vanilla, for the second coffee, would have to use the fall-back method of digital pressure.
I rose this morning and remembered to inspect the eye-dropper before my first coffee. (It has taken me three failed mornings to reach this state). It looked as shown in the image above.
"So", we might think, "twenty-four hours minute fluctuations in air pressure adds up to about three milli-metres of fake vanilla essence up the spout".
But being good scientists we must anticipate John Gray's reaction, and measure the effect of just thirty-seven minutes air-pressure fluctuations, for thirty-seven minutes is the time interval between the first and second mug of coffee.
And that is what is shown in the image above.
The image shows the volume of captured fake vanilla essence in just 37 minutes, and to my untrained eye it appears no different than it did 37 minutes earlier.
Right now I am of the conclusion that the accumulated pressure changes over a 24-hour period have little measurable impact on an eye-dropper tube of fake vanilla essence.

But for those of you of younger years, about to graduate, there is a strong possibility of a post-grad grant in this, if you can apply the right pressure.
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