Letchworth State Park

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Letchworth State Park

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... is one of the nicest state parks I visited in 30+ years of traveling by car around the USA.
This image popped up on my desktop wallpaper this morning.

The image has appeared before. But this morning I was struck by the utility truck. The administration office driver(s) surely must be good at reversing the hundred yards or so back to civilization.

Our geography teacher, Mr de Kurloi told us what we would see if ever we drained a flood-control dam, and the finger of silt should be a rich soil holding decomposed biological matter.

The image is taken from above the tourist centre, east side of the valley. On the far side is the 20+ MILE park that snakes down from the falls and the Glen Iris Inn (fancy; but good lunches!).

BOTH parks are "Carry-in-carry-out" (CICO) parks. There are NO garbage bins and there is NO garbage; no paper coffee cups or foam food containers blowing up against the fences or scaring the grazing deer. Great views of the Genesee River Gorge (you look down on hawks as they look down for food!) and if you are lucky, a view of a freight train rumbling across the bridge above the roar of the falls.

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