5Gbps Wifi Network No Longer Appears in List

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5Gbps Wifi Network No Longer Appears in List

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As a further sign that replacing my ancient HP laptop is required, I discovered today that my 5GHz wifi network is not being detected by its network adapter. I discovered this is trying to determine why my download speeds are so atrocious. I've been using the 2.4 GHz network. I called out my ISP tech who checked from before the cable modem and at each interface from there to my laptop. He got results showing that I'm being served 600 Mbps download speed with equivalent upload speed. Initially, he had the same problem with my 2.4 and 5 GHz networks; but after performing the checks described above, he got much faster speeds than I am on the 2.4 band. He was getting 250-300 Mbps whereas I'm getting 35 or less.

His diagnosis was that the network adapter built into the laptop is failing. I concur, but what can I do to try to assure myself that is the case. I've run the Network Troubleshooter which detected no problems. I've also examined the device under Device Manager. It, too, shows that the adapter is performing without fault.

Is there anything else that might be causing the 5 GHz band to disappear and the 2.4 band to deliver such atrocious speeds? I think we exonerated the cable modem and the router using his laptop. My iPhone and iPad both access the networks without apparent problems, although I haven't attempted to measure speed. All 3 TV sets operate over the wireless network with 2 of them at 5GHz and 1 at 2.4. Are there any other diagnostic steps I should try?

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Re: 5Gbps Wifi Network No Longer Appears in List

Post by JoeP »

You could try resetting the network from the Windows 10 settings. Search for "network reset" in the Settings applet.