For my friend portable pc 17 inch

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For my friend portable pc 17 inch

Post by sal21 »

I should give a new engineering graduate a 17-inch laptop.

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Re: For my friend portable pc 17 inch

Post by HansV »

HP makes pretty decent 17 inch laptops for a reasonable price.

Dell's XPS17 is very good but also quite expensive.

LG Gram 17 is very light (only 1,35 kg)
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Re: For my friend portable pc 17 inch

Post by stuck »

Many years ago, when my son was 17 (and at school preparing to go to university to study engineering), I bought him an Acer laptop. He no longer uses it (it runs Windows Vista) but he's still got it and it still boots. The company he works for now uses Dell Latitude laptops.


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Re: For my friend portable pc 17 inch

Post by DocAElstein »

I have a few older ACER laptops from the Vista / Windows 7 era in the 17-19 inch range. I probably have more of that sort of thing in my collection than other various computer variations. They seem to have lasted very well compared to some other computers and laptops I have. (One exception was 2 Acer Aspire 7535Gs I have. They both have a similar intermittent button and keyboard problem)
My (second) most recent investment was an older reconditioned computer from a reputable dealer and it had windows 10 on it. I was surprised to find that it was an old Acer Vista. I am not sure what model, but it seems very robust. It was only about 50 Euros and currently it’s my best computer. (It will be my second best computer perhaps on Friday when my recently purchased,( by my standards, very expensive ) , PC with the extra good GPU graphic card comes back from repair on Friday. - Late last night the Guy Email-ed me to say it was fixed. I asked him the cost .. – he said he will tell me Friday when I pick it up… oh dear. :-( )

I have read a few articles suggesting that a good reconditioned laptop from around 10 years ago will be as good an investment to a mid price new one
That has been my experience as well. Things like Keyboards and mouse pad seem less robust in newer Laptops, at least in the lower to mid price range.

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