Update > IrfanView 4.38 released

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Update > IrfanView 4.38 released

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The latest release of the popular, free image tool is available at Irfanview. Be sure to get the latest versions of the plugins at Irfanview plugins.

What's new from the website:

Version 4.38 ( - CURRENT VERSION - ) (Release date: 2014-06-23)

◾New Options menu/feature: Export image tiles (split image)
◾New Options menu: Hotfolder (Watch folder and show new images)
◾New view modes in Thumbnails window: Tiles, Details and List mode
◾New feature: (new) "IrfanView Shell Extension" available on PlugIns website
(= adds Context menu with some IrfanView operations to Windows Explorer)
Thanks to Michael Dunn!
◾New options in the "Adobe 8BF filters" dialog (Thanks to Frank/jazzman)
◾Improved speed in the LCMS (Color Management) PlugIn
◾Added support for old formats like: Amiga, Atari, C64, ZX Spectrum etc.
Thanks to Piotr Fusik! (RECOIL support in Formats PlugIn)
◾New Print dialog features: Borderless print, Negative positions, better preview
◾New command line option: /makecopy, a flag for /convert
=> if destination file exists, save new file as copy: (1), (2), (3) etc.
◾Option to add max. 10 external editors (for advanced users): Properties->Misc
◾Option to Drag&Drop current file to other programs: SHIFT + left mouse + drag
◾New Print dialog option: Always use default printer at dialog start
◾New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + N = Negative image (all channels)
◾Better support for high resolution screens (high DPI)


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Re: Update > IrfanView 4.38 released

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Thanks for this one too.