click white balance tool for Irfanview

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click white balance tool for Irfanview

Post by stuck »

Irfanview doesn't win any prizes in the 'cool GUI' section and although it's really an image viewer it does have some worthwhile (all be they quick and dirty) editing tools. One thing it doesn't have though is a feature to allow you to point and click on a neutral grey in an image and adjust the overall white balance accordingly.

Today I came across an 8BF filter that you can add to IrfanView's plugin folder that adds this click white balance functionality. The same site also has an unsharp mask filter that seems to do a better job than IrfanView's built in USM.

Look here:


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Re: click white balance tool for Irfanview

Post by MalcolmWalker »

Thank you Ken for finding this site and for providing the link.

If I may add; for me IrfanView, with its plug-ins, is a useful image editor rather than a viewer.