ATT Yahoo Email Warning

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ATT Yahoo Email Warning

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For a long time, occasionally I have had to log back into my email account. Sometimes it takes a LOT of work. Most recently, here is a post I made to to try for help from their community:

    "Unable to logon my att yahoo email account despite repeated tries. Chat with tech support for hours, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, no joy. They referred me to 877-267-2859. Eventually after automated questions and live agent for many minutes, interspersed with repeated failed browser login attempts on 3 different browsers, she transferred me to internal tech support, who could only help me if I gave them my ATT acct no. Which I don't have, only att yahoo email. So they said, ah, fix it by phoning these guys, at (wait for it), 877-267-2859. Please help."

It would be funny if only it were not a crucial email account. I haven't seen a response from the community yet.

In researching this issue, I find many, many similar posts in the the community forum mentioned above. I myself have had this problem for years, just not 3 days in a row. Through some fluke, my fifth phone call to support got me a temp passcode, and a successful logon after 4 days of trying.

So, a gentle warning, I STRONGLY recommend against trying an AT&T email account. I am in the process of migrating ALL my thousands of emails to one of my gmail accounts. I have changed my Contact option for Eileen's Lounge.