Outlook Not Maintaining View Setting

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Outlook Not Maintaining View Setting

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I did see a recent topic along the same lines but decided to start this thread in order to not get my problem confused with jmt356's.

When I am using the "Mail" option of Outlook (not sure if that is the correct term but it is when I am sending or receiving emails), the first attachment shows how I want my Outlook displayed in 3 columns with the “To Do Bar” active and showing the calendar. The second attachment shows how it changes to a 2 column display every time after I use the “search people” option. Is there a way to make Outlook maintain the 3 column display I want when I come back to the "Mail" option from searching, editing or entering a new contact? I purposely left the view option showing the "To Do Bar" was set as I want it to be. However, I have to reset it every time I return form using the "People Search."

3 Column.jpg
2 column.jpg
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Re: Outlook Not Maintaining View Setting

Post by HansV »

I'd try StuartR's suggestion from jmt356's thread:
- Quit Outlook.
- Press the Windows key or click the Start button.
- Type

outlook.exe /cleanviews

- Press Enter.