Attachments (Outlook 2007)

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Attachments (Outlook 2007)

Post by steveh »

Good afternoon

I have been asked by a work freind if I can fins out why when she attaches something in her Oulook 2007 it appears in the body of the message and not as it did in 2003 as an extra line under the To, From, Bcc, subject etc.

Any ideas what I can tell her and get a cup of tea please
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Re: Attachments (Outlook 2007)

Post by HansV »

In both Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, it depends on the message format. If the message is in plain text or HTML format, attachments will be displayed in a box above the body of the e-mail, but if the message is in rich text format, attachments will be displayed within the body of the e-mail.

To switch (this is for Outlook 2007):
- Make sure you're looking at the message.
- Activate the Options tab of the ribbon.
- Select the format you want in the Format section.

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Re: Attachments (Outlook 2007)

Post by DaveA »

She needs to make sure that she uses "Attach File" icon and it will be an attachment regardless of what format she is in.

There is the same icon in the Message tab and the Insert tab. It is the "Paper Clip" icon.

If she is doing copy and paste, then the image will appear in the body of the text.
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