Firefox Line Feeds on vBulletin Web Pages

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Firefox Line Feeds on vBulletin Web Pages

Post by BobH »

Some years back, I discovered that Firefox was putting an extra line feed into posts made on vBulletin supported web pages. NOTE: It does not happen here or on any other phpBB driven web page. I found a solution that worked and all was well for quite awhile. Recently the problem returned after upgrades from Firefox, with a twist.

The solution that worked was to use about:config. Searching for Newline produces the variable editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines. When I go there now, I find that the variable can be Boolian, number, or String. IDK why.

The default value I discovered was Boolean, 2. This was giving me triple spacing on pressing the enter key twice. In most places a single enter key gives a new line and a double enter key press gives single spacing. I changed the default to 1 without changing the variable attribute from Boolean. This yielded double spacing with a single key press. I then tried changing it to zero without effecting any change in result.

I think by changing the attribute to number and setting the value to 1 is working, but I'm curious about how that variable can have all 3 attributes: Boolean, number, and string. Can anyone educate this old man? :cheers: :chocciebar: :cheers:
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Re: Firefox Line Feeds on vBulletin Web Pages

Post by HansV »

I don't know where you see that it can be a boolean or string, but this is the documentation on MozillaZine: editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines
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