Slow bookmark menu v. 92, 93, 94 - solution in the pipeline

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Slow bookmark menu v. 92, 93, 94 - solution in the pipeline

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Lord knows what they do with Fx apart from what they mention in their release notes, blog posts et cetera. A couple of versions ago I noticed a slowdown in the bookmark menu; or at least in Fx 92 and it's still present in Fx 93.

I see a very noticeable slow down when moving about in the bookmark menus. Favicons populate the menus at a semi-slow pace, before they were always there; and the highlight that follows the cursor is trailing behind the cursor even slower.

Some have apparently seen this.

Anyone else getting slow menus on desktop?

According to Bugzilla it's fixed, closed and will be there in Fx 94 as well.
Highlighting effect when hovering over bookmark item is noticeably delayed and Click is not responding when a folder is opened for the first time.

I tried Safe mode, sans add-ons; thought the issue with the favicons had something to do with cleaning the cache (caused by a change in modus operandi in Fx); and changed settings for hardware accel. before (finding and) reading the bug report. Ah well.
Firefox 95 can't come quick enough.
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