Access 2016 - Chart of Key Date

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Access 2016 - Chart of Key Date

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I am looking to create a chart in a report whereby I have students and dates for when he passed exams. Lets say Jon, Maths = 21/05/21, Jon, History = 17/06/21 where thee chart on the x axis shows the subject and a line for jon (in y axis) with the date lable on the line above the subject? Any ideas of pointers to a tutorial to assist pleasE?

My data is arranged in tbales stude, exam type, wiht progress table where dates are contained witht he subject as the foeign key. I attach a graphic for my idea?


Thank you Darren
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Re: Access 2016 - Chart of Key Date

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It would be difficult, if at all possible, to create that chart in Access. It might be possible in Excel, but if I'm honest, it appears to be a very uninformative chart to me. The points on the lines don't have any relationship with the actual dates. A chart doesn't look like a useful way to display the data to me...