Eusprig 2024 conference - London UK - Spreadsheet Productivity & Risks

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Eusprig 2024 conference - London UK - Spreadsheet Productivity & Risks

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Our submission site on EasyChair is up and running, please follow the link for the call for papers and the submission link details. Please share with colleagues and co-workers, anyone who might be interested in attending or contributing to proceedings.

EuSpRIG 2024 CFP (Published Version) (

2024 Conference theme: Spreadsheet Productivity & Risks

Provisionally Thursday, July 4&5, 2024, in London (Venue to be confirmed).

EuSpRIG ( is the premier conference for the latest research, experience, tools and technologies available for managing the power and responsibility held by spreadsheets in commerce, industry and government today.

Directors, Managers, Professionals and Academics in all disciplines will benefit from the world’s only independent, authoritative & comprehensive conference on the current state of the art in spreadsheet productivity and risk management. Now in its 25th year, this well-established international event is the forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent techniques, innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in this critical aspect of end-user computing. EuSpRIG features an enviable range of peer-reviewed papers and presentations. There are opportunities to network with colleagues facing the same challenges and to meet practitioners and academics researching this rich subject area.

EuSpRIG invites submissions from researchers, experienced Excel professionals, and business risk managers on all aspects of the management, development and use of spreadsheets including (but not limited to):


case studies of development, testing and quality assurance of key & critical spreadsheet assets– successful or otherwise
AI, data science and big data themes in spreadsheets
extension technologies: PowerPivot, VBA, ADO, Excel Services, BI and Web-enabling
securing spreadsheets including cryptographic aspects
effective methods and tools for validation and testing
understanding, documenting & remediating existing spreadsheets
enhancement, migration & replacement strategies
re-integration of scattered spreadsheet data
reverse engineering of spreadsheet logic, data flow, links, and patterns of use

Organisational Efficiency, Productivity and Risk Management:

spreadsheet efficiency, productivity and risk management in the private, public and charity sectors
governance, best practice, risk management & regulatory compliance relating to the widespread use of spreadsheets in regulated large corporations and public utilities
productivity in frequently-performed or repetitive spreadsheet processes
continuing education, skills training and certification
audit, management, version, configuration & control tools
accounting for spreadsheet risk
the dynamics of managing large systems of spreadsheets: discovery, dependencies, usage monitoring, version lineage, process mining
ongoing maintenance and user support for continued safe use
technologies to support process improvement
organisational experiences with enterprise policies, risk & responsibility and best practices
process management including the management of spreadsheet control projects

Environmental, Social, Human and Psychological Factors

change management, assumptions, abstraction, interpretation, denial, overconfidence, reification, culture, behaviour, attitudes, fraud, sabotage, other criminal behaviour, legal & copyright, privacy, data leakage and security risks
laboratory studies of human error in spreadsheet creation, human computer interaction issues in spreadsheets and audit experiments.
modification and adaptation of spreadsheet models in response to climate change
communication of climate change via spreadsheet models
spreadsheet horror stories

We are seeking the following types of submission:

Presentations lasting up to 30 minutes on professional Excel practice which will published on the EuSpRIG website. Case studies in particular are sought.
Lightning talks / rants / soapbox
Academic and technical papers (5000 words),
Practitioner and management summaries (1500 to 3000 words)
All papers will be published in due course on our web site and on Arxiv

Academic papers will be double-blind refereed by established referees co-ordinated through the programme committee chair. Presentations will be reviewed by the EuSpRIG committee. EuSpRIG Peer Review Details

Submissions to the EuSpRIG conference may not have already been published in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Moreover, they may not be currently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere. Only papers and presentations that are accepted and presented in person will be published.

To submit a paper, please read the author guidelines and Patrick O’Beirne’s insightful article “How to write a successful EuSpRIG paper”

Please have your paper proofread by friends and colleagues and then submit your via the EuSpRIGs EasyChair site.

Most of the full papers previously accepted and presented at EuSpRIG are available on the EuSpRIG website which potential authors are invited to consult for guidance and references.

Cheers, Chris
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