Excel/Outlook Script for Macro-Enabled form for Mac Users

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Excel/Outlook Script for Macro-Enabled form for Mac Users



I started a non-profit to help those in low-income, minority and underserved communities. One of my projects is Project F.E.E.D. (Friends Ensuring Every Dinner) that addresses food-insecurity. I was recently awarded a grant from my State to provide 90,000 meals throughout NJ to those food-insecure and to fight hunger. I do not have the funds to purchase an ERP system, and need to create an ordering system. I have partnered (awarded) other non-profits throughout NJ in order to expand the reach of this program to feed more individuals and families than I could on my own. Each partner (site) would place orders that would go to a partnering restaurant to make meals and provide to the sites.

In the first tab "INSTRUCTIONS" I provided step-by-step tasks that outline how the functionality of the form would operate. In the tab "ORDER FORM TEMPLATE", an organization (user) would choose their phone number, the organization information fields will populate, then the user must click the "NEW ORDER" button at the bottom of the sheet. An "ORDER FORM 1" will come up, and then can begin inputting their information for their first order. Once the information is filled, the user must then click the button called "Place Order" that, when clicked, runs a macro that sends the excel sheet as a PDF attachment to an email. This works on Windows computers; however, when a Mac user clicks the button, an error comes up: "can't send if you don't have Outlook" (see image below).
We know the functionality 'Sending an email from Excel through Outlook' works perfectly fine on Windows computers, but not on Mac computers. Microsoft Support suggests that this is related to the script that was written in the excel "Place Order" button macro. The scripting will be different for different Operating systems like Windows, Mac, so a new button will need to be created for Mac Users to place orders.

1. We need the current "Place Order" button to be renamed to "Place Order (PC Users)" and leave all features and script the same.
2. We need to create a duplicate button called "Place Orders (Mac Users)" and adjust the script to open Outlook for Mac when clicked.

Can one of you Excel Experts help resolve this issue? I know that the SMARTEST PEOPLE who would know are right here in this forum. You've helped me out of tough situations before, and I'm looking for that same help again -- YOU ROCK AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

Link to Excel File: https://powerchangeslives-my.sharepoint ... A?e=6WALcu

Thank you in advance,
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