convert ws into xlsm files

vilas desai
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convert ws into xlsm files

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Dear Experts.
Hope you are all safe and healthy.
I need help to convert worksheets into .xlsm files with the same names
ex ws name: Index, File name: Index.xlsm
The converted files should be saved in a folder on desktop named "Convert""
There would be about 75 such ws in a workbook
The working file is attached
Thanks and best regards
Vilas Desai
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Re: convert ws into xlsm files

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Here is a macro:

Code: Select all

Sub SaveSheets()
    Dim strPath As String
    Dim wbkS As Workbook
    Dim wsh As Worksheet
    Dim wbkT As Workbook
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    strPath = CreateObject("WScript.Shell").SpecialFolders("Desktop") & "\Convert\"
    Set wbkS = ActiveWorkbook
    For Each wsh In wbkS.Worksheets
        Set wbkT = ActiveWorkbook
        wbkT.SaveAs Filename:=strPath & wsh.Name & ".xlsm", FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled
        wbkT.Close SaveChanges:=False
    Next wsh
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
End Sub