ITunes to Music in iOS 13.x

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ITunes to Music in iOS 13.x

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Is it just me or did Apple pull a fast one? I no longer have iTunes on my iPhone and cannot find it in the app store. My guess is that Apple are moving away from iTunes - YAY!!!!! - and have replaced it with the Music app. Fair enough, but it used to be that you could use iTunes to convert an mp3 file to a ringtone file (m4r).

Does anyone know of a way to convert an mp3 file on an iPhone to an m4r file? There is no file system and file system manipulation available natively in iOS 13 that I know of.

In the past, I've downloaded songs on my Windows 10 laptop and simple changed the extension, then used Audacity to make a clip of sufficient length and saved it. Then, I uploaded the file using dropbox and retrieved it from thence using the iPhone. I can no longer do this because I hosed up my Dropbox accounts when I changed ISP some months back.

I'd be much obliged if anyone could tell me how to do this or point me to a wiki.

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