Restoring Data to an iPhone (Why I HATE apple)

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Restoring Data to an iPhone (Why I HATE apple)

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iTunes must be the most obtusely designed and written software ever written. I'm convinced it was designed and written and continues to be supported by evil trolls from the underworld. If I didn't like the iPhone, I swear I'd make it the goal of what life remains to me to destroy that company.

OK, I coughed that up and spit it out. Now I can ask my questions.

A couple of days ago my iPhone 5 went berserk and requested a passcode. I could not come up with one it liked; so I had to use Recovery Mode to completely erase and reset the device. Now I need to recover as I can of the old data. I'm certain that I did a sync and backup of the iPhone 5 some weeks ago, but I can find no evidence of it using iTunes. (In fact, I could not get iTunes to recognize that an iPhone was connected. I had to uninstall the app then download and reinstall it to get it to work - which took me a day and a half.)

I have the iPhone 4S that I used until just before Christmas. It has been backed up using iTunes. In searching the Web, I found instructions to backup the old phone then restore that backup to the new one. It said that the generational difference in the hardware would not matter. The panel presented after choosing the Restore option allows one to select the backup version then asks for a restore password. Nowhere in the backup process was an option given to set a password. Nowhere in the panel presented to enter the password is any information or even a hint given as to what this password refers to. Entering the passcode of the phone being restored does not work nor does using the passcode for the phone backed up nor does using the password for the app store and all things apple.

Further Web searches have (thus far) been fruitless.

Does anyone know what password is supposed to be used? Does anyone know of a better way to move data from an old iPhone to a new one? In searching, I found this chicom PC software: Wondershare. Has anyone used it? I'm a bit leery of the source for this program.
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Re: Restoring Data to an iPhone (Why I HATE apple)

Post by Rudi »

Hi Bob,

The passwords being prompted is most probably your Apple ID password. Have you tried that?
In your extensive searches you may have come across these pages, but if not...see this and this.

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