Linux or...

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Linux or...

Post by curious »

Hi -

Will be replacing Win XP Pro soon. Am looking for suggestions for its replacement. Total size of disk is
74.4GB, currently 60.4 GB free.
Has Intel Pentium 4 cpu, 2.00GHz, 1.99 GHz, 512 MB Ram

I thought Linux might be the way to go -was appealing that you could have Linux and Windows on same computer....But have been reading that it's more for geeks than 'civilians.'

Any suggestions? (Read a little on Zorin, but apparently you have to burn a disk or some such, and that is beyond me, I think)

My needs are basic. A word processor is the only 'must have' on my list. (No games need apply.) Would like to be able to have Firefox (and is that seamless whatever OS is installed) and to have a program like FoxIt Reader.

In other words, keep it simple, simple, stupid (like download, install, away I go...Would be great to have the security of being able to switch to Win if I goof up with whatever OS I do decide)

Thank you very much.

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Re: Linux or...

Post by HansV »

If you want to keep your current computer, without upgrading to more RAM, newer versions of Windows (7 or 8) are out - they need at least 1 GB for 32-bit Windows, 2 GB for 64-bit Windows.
You could, of course install extra RAM.

Ubuntu is a popular version of Linux that should be easy to install and use. And it's free...
As far as I can tell, it comes with LibreOffice. This free Office suite includes LibreOffice Writer, a Word-compatible word processing application.
A PDF reader is built in.

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Re: Linux or...

Post by BobH »

Linux does require more from you as a user than does Windows, but it is fairly easy to understand if you have any other experience with a Unix-based environment. I have one system that runs Ubuntu but I run Windows on 2 PCs and iOS on 2 iPads and 2 iPhones because those operating systems (iOS and Windows) require less attention to detail and far less time finding drivers for some older devices.
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Re: Linux or...

Post by curious »

Thanks BobH - I stressed ease of installing/using because Windows is the only system I know.

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Re: Linux or...

Post by June Bug »

If you can download a file and know how to burn a DVD Linux is simple to install. No different than burning a music CD or data CD.

I fairly new to this Linux stuff myself, but if you choose the right distro (distribution) it's not that difficult.

I've tried several distros and they come with Libre Office and Chrome or Firefox already installed. Firefox or Chrome is easily installed if the distro you pick doesn't have the browser of your liking.

When you install you can choose to have a dual boot system or replace XP with Linux. Installing Linux is not any harder than installing a program in Windows. During install the correct drivers are installed and when finished everything should work. I've put Linux on three computers and haven't had a problem so far.

Of the distros I have tried Zorin is the closest to Windows. The start menu is similar to Windows and is easy to understand. Also, other features work like Windows.

Give it a shot, it's not difficult.


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Re: Linux or...

Post by jonwallace »

In my brief attempt to run Linux day-to-day (frustrated only by a lack of replacement for axcrypt and the fact that I do run some games) I tried Linux Mint and found it to be a painless install and an almost flawless experience.

When I decided to install Windows 7 instead the install was a nightmare compared to Mint. just my tuppenceworth

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Re: Linux or...

Post by vnjdhd »

use linux it's far better than windows in many ways

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Re: Linux or...

Post by StuartR »

You have posted replies to a few very old posts as your first contributions to our lounge. Please consider joining in some more recent conversations instead.

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Re: Linux or...

Post by stuck »

vnjdhd wrote:use linux it's far better than windows in many ways
That's a very to sweeping generalisation. It would be more useful if you could give specific examples of why you believe this to be true.

I say that because in contrast I think Windows is far better than Linux because of what I can do within MS Word and Excel using VBA. The customised templates I've built using these tools supports a multi-million pound operation within the organisation I work for. I am not aware of a Linux equivalent that is as accessible to a non IT specialist like myself as the tools provided by MS Office.