OneDrive not functioning properly

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OneDrive not functioning properly

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I am having multiple issues with OneDrive, including:

1. For the past three days, there has been a message stating "Downloading 385 KB of 385 KB." The message never resolves. I have fast internet and expect it should take no more than a few seconds, not a few days, to download the file.

2. I have folders in my OneDrive folder that always show the spinning syncing arrows. I would expect those arrows should only show up when I have made a change, not for days and weeks afterwards.

3. Under status, some of my folders show a green circle with a checkmark and others show a white circle with a checkmark. I understand the green circle corresponds to files that are always available offline and the white circle corresponds to files that are available online but happen to be downloaded at the moment. However, even the files that are set to always be available offline show up with the white circle rather than the green circle.

4. There are some folders in OneDrive that show the spinning arrows syncing status, but when I enter the folder, all the files show the green circle with the checkmark, meaning they are all already synced. How can a folder have syncing in progress if all the files in the folder are already synced?


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Re: OneDrive not functioning properly

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Where is your OneDrive folder located?
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Re: OneDrive not functioning properly

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Microsoft acknowledged issues with various online services. It claims they are now resolved.