Move normal Window with keyboard.

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Move normal Window with keyboard.

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I am using Win10 right now.

About 30 years ago a student had somehow managed to move an application window so that the controls (maximize, restore etc and the title bar) were off-screen; above or to the left. I forget which. Probably Win3.1.
Another educator showed me a neat keyboard trick: Using Alt+Space to bring up the top-left control menu, then the letter M to establish a pointer, then the Down-Arrow key repeatedly to drag the Normal window into the desktop area.
Today I use the Alt+Space trick solely to maXimize a window.

Then yesterday I wanted to drag a Windows photo viewer window of a PNG image so that only the music and text was visible; I wanted to hide the white space at the top of the image, the pale blue background above the white space, and the menu-title area above that. In short, the yellow-bordered region in the attached 124a.PNG had to be shunted off the top of the laptop screen (to make way for the audio tracks in Audacity)

So in Windows photo-viewer I chose Alt+Space, M, Up-arrow until that pale blue area had rolled off the top of the laptop screen, and then <Enter> to fix the position.

No matter what I try (<Enter>, <Escape> etc.) I cannot make the title-bar and controls "stick" to a position off-screen.
It seems as if the drop-down menu is firmly attached to the title bar, and that Windows will not allow that portion of the window to be off-screen.

I cannot see why this should be so, and of course, I cannot drag my 124a.PNG window so that everything above the music score (white, blue, title areas) is off-screen.

Just curious is all.
Cheers, Chris
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