File Explorer "renaming files" trick

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File Explorer "renaming files" trick

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(Win10, possibly other versions)
I haven’t tried this with three or more files, only two.

Each morning I make a copy of yesterday’s two working files for my project - “MM20211113.doc” and “MM20211113.mdb”. This morning I want to rename the copies to be “MM20211114.doc” and “MM20211114.mdb”.
After selecting the two files and choosing Edit,Copy and Edit,Paste, the two copies arrive at the foot of the File Explorer window.
I use <F2> to edit, <right-arrow> to break the selection, and then <backspace> several times until the “3” of the “20211113” has been deleted Then I type the “4”. Then the <enter> key to seal the deal.
To my delight the name has been changed in both filenames, and the extents are retained.

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