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Re: BAT Files

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Chris - the Taskbar (the 'left' three-quarters-or-so of the bottom line of the screen) is not the same as (what used to be called) the System Tray (right-hand-side of the bottom line)...
That's assuming that Bob actually wanted the System Tray!
John Gray

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Re: BAT Files

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John Gray wrote:
24 Sep 2021, 06:52
... is not the same as (what used to be called) ...
Thanks John.
I should have known that. :mea culpa: :stupidme:
It's just that the month rolled over from August to September without me noticing it! :evilgrin: Just give me a shout when we get back to "Windows Explorer", OK? :evilgrin: :evilgrin:
This is the bit of real estate I see right now, with my shortcut to Sync2021.bat pinned there for easy access at 6pm each night.

I know, I know.Back when my twin IDE backup drives could be slid on rails into the chassis, I used to know how to schedule backups automatically at 6pm each night, but I haven't quite mastered this new Group Policy thingy, and was kind of hoping that Group Policy would all blow away with Windows 11. Or Windows 12 at the latest. And I mean "Blow away", not "Rename it to something else on coffee"
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