Win7HP File Explorer -search with "NOT"?

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Win7HP File Explorer -search with "NOT"?

Post by ChrisGreaves »

I know how to issue a search in Windows7HP File Explorer for Bonavista document s (<F3> key then “Bonavista*.doc” without the quotes), but how do I search for all the documents that are NOT Bonavista documents?

I have tried a few characters preceding the search pattern, separated by a space e.g. “~ Bonavista*.doc” and “| Bonavista*.doc” and “NOT Bonavista*.doc”.

I think it should be impossible to write a search mechanism without being able to negate it, even if other Boolean operators were excluded (and, or, xor).

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Re: Win7HP File Explorer -search with "NOT"?

Post by HansV »

Try - Bonavista
I don't think - Bonavista*.docx will work
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Re: Win7HP File Explorer -search with "NOT"?

Post by Argus »

- or NOT works here. (But it will obviously exclude all files no matter where it is mentioned.)

NOT Bonavista*.txt
- Bonavista*.txt
(Or simply NOT (or -) Bonavista.)

Can be combined Bonavista NOT "Bonavista 2.txt".

See for example: ... ry-syntax/" onclick=";return false; ... ators.html" onclick=";return false;

(I still don't like some aspects of search in Win7; searching between dates etc.)

P.S. :whisper: Why in General if "Win7HP", and is it any different from Pro? Or Win7Dell, Win7Lenovo. :grin:
Ah, you are adding a tag, that will help when searching. Wait ...
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