Permanent deletion - sometimes!

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Permanent deletion - sometimes!

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Curiousity value only, really.
I went to delete three regular files and was prompted for Permanent deletion.
I could not hammer Windows7HP into sending the three files to the Recycle Bin.

My reasoning is that recycling is not available because my Drive Y is a SUBStitued folder on my Drive T, which (drive T) is itself a Truecrypt decrypted drive from a second partition (“F”) on my single hard drive.

Copying the three files from Y to B (another SUBStituted drive) offers the same permanent deletion.
Copying the three files to a folder on drive C however allows me the luxury of the Recycle Bin.

I usually force Permanent Deletion with the Shift-Delete key combination.

As an experiment I CUT the three files from Y: and PASTEd them into C:, and then was able to delete them from drive C to the Recycle Bin.

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