How to remove Microsoft .NET 2.x

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Re: How to remove Microsoft .NET 2.x

Post by StuartR »

The files that Secunia objected to on my system were not in that folder Ron, they were


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Re: How to remove Microsoft .NET 2.x

Post by HansV »

Simply deleting a folder in Program Files or Program Files (x86) is usually not a good idea - it may have undesirable side effects, since you only remove the files, but not the references to those files that may exist elsewhere.
You probably don't want to remove ALL versions of .NET - some may be essential to the functioning of Windows or of other software.

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Re: How to remove Microsoft .NET 2.x

Post by RonH »

Interesting ... the more you search in 'Folders & Files* the more you find in different categories, including within 'Hidden'. This caused me some grief years ago when I was attempting to remove an antivirus programme from my pc .. before 'auto removal tools' became available.

So I think I will leave my .Net files intact, but removed from the Secunia listing, for now at least.
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