Copy, print or save a list of files in a folder

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Copy, print or save a list of files in a folder

Post by Rudi »

Two "useful" articles appeared in the latest HowTo-Geek subscription that is worth a mention since I recall having to do this in the past and had to go scooting about trying to find ways to do it from the command prompt, or search it up on the web. Nowadays I use a useful context menu tool called "File Menu Tools" that has a basic file lister (as seen in the screenshot below), but if you are interested in the topic, here are a few other option, incl.

1. a registry hack to add the option right into the File Explorer context menu
2. the way to do it from the command prompt
3. a highly customisable portable app that lists (to various apps), copies to the clipboard and prints the file listings

See the two articles here:
Right click menu for File menu Tools
Image 005.jpg
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Re: Copy, print or save a list of files in a folder

Post by HansV »

A utility that has been mentioned several times is Karen's Directory Printer. It isn't being maintained anymore since its author has died, but it should still work. The original site isn't functional but the utility can be obtained from many download sites, e.g. MajorGeeks.
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