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~windows / mac

Post by Steve_in_Kent »

I need to create a database in windows, on a pc, and update it.

but need to read the data on lots of ipads..

does anyone have any idea how to do this?

I've seen Libreoffice, which comes in both operating systems, but i dont know if i could have the mac version on the ipad, read the data set up by the windows version on the network drive?
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Re: ~windows / mac

Post by HansV »

LibreOffice works on Macs, but not on iPads (different operating system: MacOS vs iOS).

I don't know of any database that works on PCs and iPads...
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Re: ~windows / mac

Post by JoeP »

Depending on the complexity of the data and its intended use, you could possibly use Excel. Excel is not really a database manager but you have said what the database is for.