Searching Newbie question

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Searching Newbie question

Post by G6SGA »

Hello, old man and newbie question.

Simple search +WORD -word OTHERword I get but how can i search for a string such as

"If (vbWin.Type = vbext_wt_CodeWindow Or"

where I want it exactly as written [not perhaps case sensitive]

Thanks for listening

Stephen :cheers:

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Re: Searching Newbie question

Post by HansV »

Welcome to Eileen's Lounge!

Our search feature doesn't provide for that. You can search for something like vbext_wt_CodeWindow - this will turn up a small number of posts, including yours.

For complete phrases, I'd use Google or another search engine with search term

"If (vbWin.Type = vbext_wt_CodeWindow Or"

(Nothing will be found, by the way)
Best wishes,

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Re: Searching Newbie question

Post by BobH »

Howdy, Stephen!
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