Welcome to Eileen's Lounge!

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Welcome to Eileen's Lounge!

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Eileen's Lounge was created in January of 2010 in memory of :eileen: Eileen Wharmby who created a similar board named Woody's Lounge in the 1990s and again in 2000.

Our goal is to provide an informal and friendly discussion board. The emphasis is on software (in particular Microsoft Office), but we also have forums for general banter (Scuttlebutt), puzzles etc. Please take some time to become familiar with the forum structure in the Board Index before posting.

We ask you to comply with our House Rules; they are intended to make Eileen's Lounge a pleasant experience for all kinds of users.

We hope you'll like it here! :smile:

Charlotte, Claude, HansV, Leif, mwolfman and StuartR

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